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Abraxas is a Demon in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2.



Rarity Race Grade
2★ Vile 26


Overall Evaluation Dx2 Duel
82pt S

42 42 42 42 45

Resistance to Attributes

Drain Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak

MAX Parameter on 6★

HP 910 Vi 115
St 172 Ag 129
Ma 173 Lu 80

MAX Parameter on 5★

HP 788 Vi 97
St 146 Ag 108
Ma 146 Lu 67


Skill Transferable Name MP Description

  Dekunda 5 Removes debuffs from all party members. 

Power: 100

  Tarukaja 5 Increases ATK of all party members by 20%. (3 turns) 

Power: 100

  Bufula 5 Inflicts Ice magic damage on a single enemy.

Power: 140

Special Skill

Archetype Skill Name MP Description
    Rakukaja 5 Increases DEF of all party members by 20%. (3 turns) 

Power: 50

    Herculean Strike 5 Inflicts Phys attack damage on all enemy.

Power: 100

    Amrita 4 Cures all status ailments of a single party member. 
    Hellish Mask - -35% chance of receiving status ailments.  
    Null Dark - Adds Dark Null.

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