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Abraxas is a Demon in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2.


Rarity Race Grade
2★ Vile 26


Overall Evaluation Dx2 Duel
82pt S

Common.png Aragami.png Protector.png Psychic.png Elementalist.png
42 42 42 42 45

Resistance to Attributes

Physical .png Fire.png Ice.png Electric.png Force.png Light.png Dark.png
Drain Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak Weak

MAX Parameter on 6★

HP 910 Vi 115
St 172 Ag 129
Ma 173 Lu 80

MAX Parameter on 5★

HP 788 Vi 97
St 146 Ag 108
Ma 146 Lu 67


Skill Transferable Name MP Description

Ailment.png Dekunda 5 Removes debuffs from all party members. 

Power: 100

Ailment.png Tarukaja 5 Increases ATK of all party members by 20%. (3 turns) 

Power: 100

Ice.png Bufula 5 Inflicts Ice magic damage on a single enemy.

Power: 140

Special Skill

Archetype Skill Name MP Description
Common.png Ailment.png Rakukaja 5 Increases DEF of all party members by 20%. (3 turns) 

Power: 50

Aragami.png Physical .png Herculean Strike 5 Inflicts Phys attack damage on all enemy.

Power: 100

Protector.png Ailment.png Amrita 4 Cures all status ailments of a single party member. 
Psychic.png Passive.png Hellish Mask - -35% chance of receiving status ailments.  
Elementalist.png Passive.png Null Dark - Adds Dark Null.

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